Bambu Textured PEI Plate

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Bambu Textured PEI Plate
  • Excellent first-layer adhesion, Improved durability

    After optimizing the manufacturing process of the Bambu Texture PEI Plate, the durability of the plate is enhanced. Additionally, the adhesion between the prints and the plate is significantly improved, eliminating the need for adhesives.

  • Self-release when cooled down

    PEI is an excellent material for 3D printing applications due to its ability to withstand the repeated heating and cooling cycles of a printer heatbed. Prints come off easily when the temperature of the heatbed reaches room temperature, and we always recommend waiting until it reaches 35℃ or lower. If the print is still adheres to the plate, simply bend the steel plate and the model will fall right into your hands.

  • Compatibility with various filaments

    PEI allowing it to print not only common materials such as PLA, TPU, and PETG, but also materials that require high temperatures like ABS and Nylon.

  • Prevent warping with reliable magnetic adhesion

    The Bambu Texture PEI Plate features a 0.5mm thick stainless steel plate that enhanced magnetic adhesion. This helps to prevent warping and ensure optimal print quality during 3D printing, reducing the likelihood of the first layer detaching due to deformation. It also helps when printing larger models in materials that are prone to warping like ABS, PC and Nylon.

  • Textured surface finish

    Bambu Texture PEI Plate offers a one-of-a-kind first-layer surface. Through the application of a powder-coating process, this PEI Build Plate creates a rugged texture that adds a texture to your prints.

About This Item
  • Step 1:

    Align the plate with the fixed points of the platform with the name of the plate facing you 

  • Step 2:

    Lower the plate and secure to the magnetic platform

Material PEI powder coating+ 301SEH Stainless Steel Plate
Surface temperature resistance
Up to 180℃
Flexible stainless steel plate thickness
0.5 mm
Textured PEI coating thickness
0.075 mm
Usable print size
256*256 mm
Package size
300*270*17 mm
Package weight
450 g


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