A Comprehensive Guide to BBC Micro:bit

In an increasingly digital world, technological literacy is a crucial skill for students and those interested. It is considered important because edtech plays a crucial role in shaping the development and future prospects of young minds.

Thousands of brands/products are there in the market which are solely made for kids in enhancing their technological studies through interactive materials.

Among them, one of the engaging digital literacy materials is BBC micro:bit. It is a potent tool created to make learning programming and electronics fun and interesting. This thorough introduction to the micro:bit will get you started on your path to realizing its full potential, whether you're a teacher trying to improve your classroom environment or a hobbyist interested in experimenting with code and hardware.

Focusing on the aim of micro:bit is important as it it not just another edtech material

  • Its primary aim is to cater the basics of coding and electronics to young learners.
  • It is incredibly user-friendly and beginners friendly because of its simplicity and ease of use make it an excellent choice for educators who want to introduce programming and electronics to students with no prior experience.
    While talking about micro:bit being user-friendly, it really stays true to that as it is designed to be accessible to a wide range of users, including those with disabilities. Features like large buttons and edge connectors that are easy to manipulate, making it suitable for a diverse audience.
  • The BBC micro:bit includes an extensive collection of learning materials, including guides, lesson plans, and coding environments created especially for the device.
  • The inventions of students are not only bound within four walls, rather they have an option in expressing it in front of the whole world. The online community enables students as well as educators to share their ideas, projects and solutions which acts as a valuable resource for the micro:bit users.
  • Apart from coding, this edtech material also allows students to show their creativity which eventually encourages the kids in learning programming with joy.

It's important to familiarize yourself with the hardware elements of the micro:bit before getting started with programming and projects.

  • LED Display – Micro:bit features a 5×5 LED matrix as light sensor that can display text and simple images. As it can sense the light source, it can easily detect and respond to where the light source is located.
  • Buttons – The buttons here are used as input devices and micro:bit contains three buttons altogether. Two are programmable buttons and one is the reset button. The programmable buttons are located on the LED Matrix side and the reset button is located on the back side of the microcontroller.
  • Sensors – It includes sensors like an accelerometer and a compass to detect motion and direction as well as a temperature sensor which measures and gives an approximate air temperature.
  • Micro:bit also has a USB Port which helps in programming as users connect it with the computer and can also be powered, all through the port.

Above points were all about what micro:bit has and its features, but to actually make it work programming language is needed.

But don’t worry there are numerous programming languages you can use to program it, including:

  • MakeCode – It is a block based programming environment specially for beginners, those who don’t have earlier programming experience. It makes coding super easy by allowing you to drag and drop the code blogs to create programs.
  • MicroPython – It is text based coding preferably for users, who are familiar with coding.
  • JavaScript – For programming microcontrollers like micro:bit, JavaScript interpreter called Espruino can be used.

The BBC micro:bit has two versions- micro:bit v1 and micro:bit v2; the updated version consists of many new features along with supporting the original version.

Get started with making a few simple projects for better understanding the micro:bit. Here are few suggestions that you can program-

  • Digital pets; Where the virtual pets will respond to the buttons and emotions will be displayed on the LED matrix.
  • Temperature monitor; That will display the current temp.
  • Hope this blog has helped you in getting an insight on what micro:bit is and how it can be used for different purposes.

    So while concluding it is important to note that this microcontroller enables people of all ages to learn about programming and electronics and to obtain such exciting thing visit Congeriem, where you can find all your desired products within a few clicks.

    Be a Game Creator with UME Academy’s Video Game Development Curriculum

    In today’s digital age everything has shifted to the online platform. Though traditional means are there , digital is what is getting the most attention. Games is also a section which has spread its parts in the digital world too. Nowadays, video games are going hand in hand with sports as each sector conducts its own matches and are given equal importance.

    Gone are the days where video games were considered a waste of time, now people took it as their passion and are excelling at it as it became an integral part of our lives, offering immersive experiences, entertainment, and even career opportunities.

    To boost this passion of making video games and bringing the virtual worlds to life, UME Academy is providing a Video Game Development Curriculum.

    UME Academy's Video Game Development Curriculum is designed to nurture your creativity and technical skills while providing hands-on experience in the world of game development. Whether you're a seasoned coder or a complete beginner, this program caters to all skill levels, making it accessible to anyone with a passion for gaming.

    If you are in doubt and wondering this will be same as any other curriculum then its a must to focus on their exciting factors:

    • Their cutting-edge curriculum has earned UME the first place in the video gaming industry as it ensures that the students are exposed to the latest trends, technologies and tools in game development.
    • Video games are no longer harmful for kids, but through this kids can also get deep insight about STEM education as they are exposed to technology and coding at an early stage.
    • This curriculum provides hands-on-learning through practical projects and students get the opportunity to work on real-world projects, enabling them to apply the concepts and skills they learn in a meaningful way.
    • Along with learning, UME also provides networking opportunities with industry professionals and potential employers because the academy understands the importance of real world work
      opportunities. For which the instructors are industry professionals with extensive real-world experience in game development.

    Enrolling for UME Video Game Development Curriculum will be beneficial for both – beginner and the advanced.

    They develop critical thinking, communication skills and social emotional skills by designing video games.

    If you are a teacher and want to introduce an interesting way of learning games then definitely UME is the one as it can be easily integrated in classrooms.

    This development curriculum not only helps you in learning to create games by programming but also incorporates other sectors of education like, sound and music, animation and graphics.

    The curriculum is divided into flexible timing according to your need. It offers from annual subscription – great for education institutes – to hour wise sessions.

    In conclusion, UME Video Game Development Curriculum is your ticket to fulfil your game creator dream. Whether you aspire to work for a renowned game studio or launch your own indie game, this program equips you with the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in the ever-evolving world of game development. Along with that, it plays a vital role in STEM education which nurtures the young minds and helps them work towards their dream.

    So go and grab your Game Development Curriculum today from Congeriem – for a hustle free buying.

    Coding the Visual Arts with Artie Max

    Everything seems limitless in a society that is increasingly fueled by technology and digital innovation. There aren't many things left that can't be controlled digitally just like that the realm of art has likewise moved to digital platforms. In addition to hand-drawn artwork, digital artwork is currently in demand and has become crucial for anyone looking to work in that industry.

    With the advancement of technology driven environment, the education system has also adapted the needed resources. Focus of modern technology has always been on science and mathematics studies, but now we're going to look at the world of art and see how coding is also used there.

    Artie Max by Educational Insights has opened doors to the domain of art with the help of coding as it has given artists new ways to express themselves and pushed the limits of conventional art genres.

    This is mainly designed for grade school students to engage them in art along with coding, enhancing their critical thinking and creativity.

    Let's Explore what Creative Coding is:

    Creative coding is basically about creating arts with coding and Artie Max is the one that empowers artists to turn their ideas into digital masterpieces. Whether you're an experienced coder or a newbie in the world of programming, Artie Max offers a user-friendly environment to explore your artistic potential.

    If you have any doubts about Artie's ability to produce art, it's crucial to realize that it is not like other coding platforms and that it has an intuitive user interface and three replaceable onboard markers which allow it to draw in accordance with the coding.

    Users type commands into a programming language, and Artie Max draws lines in accordance with those commands.

    Some Important Features of Artie Max:

    • Given that it relies on code, the visual coding interface element gives people a realistic understanding of how their coding is controlling the robot. Additionally, it aids in identifying errors and makes it simple to update codes thanks to drag-and-drop capabilities.
      This makes it incredibly accessible for kids and others who don’t have much knowledge about programming.
    • The most exciting feature of this robot is that it can work without the internet, allowing users to use it anywhere without worrying about network problems.
      If you are thinking about how it will actually work then the Wi-Fi feature comes to the rescue. Artie’s safe and secured Wi-Fi speakers directly to your connected devices and enables smooth coding while creating art.
    • With the help of Artie's three interchangeable markers, you may utilize any hue to bring your ideas to life. Coding the colors according to your choice will get you the desired results and the markers can also be changed in between to make the work more creative.
    • The creative coding robot is a rechargeable one so there’s no need to be concerned about the battery dying in the middle of working and the smart sensors help in smooth working.
    • In addition to the features listed above, it benefits STEM education since it fosters children's creativity and problem-solving abilities. Art is a subject which brings joy and breaks the monotonous study routine. But through this robot, children get to learn to code in five different coding languages – Blockly, Snap!, JavaScript, Python, and C++ – in an interesting way while bringing their imaginations to life.

    Wondering how to get started with Artie Max? No worries, just follow the instructions given below to get your creative journey started.

    • The first and foremost thing you need to do is to download the Artie Max software from their website on your computer, laptop or tablet because with the help of Wi-Fi the robot can be connected from any device.
    • Artie Max offers a range of tutorials and resources to help you get started. The built in coding apps helps you to access from your browser along with giving the option to save, load and edit your designs.
    • Once the setup is done, you can connect with other artists to share your work and collaborate on projects.
      And for kids, they can create different art works while working in a group, gradually enhancing their communication skills.

    So, go and grab your Artie Max today to start your creative journey. Whether you are an educator or parents or an artist itself, it will give your students/kids a platform to excel in different things with just one item. For buying Artie Max visit Congeriem to get it on a great deal without any hassle.

    Building Brilliance with STEM Classroom Bundle by Learning Resources

    In today’s rapidly advancing world STEM is more critical than ever. It seems like the world is revolving around STEM and as always introducing it to kids will enhance their learning.

    Earlier we have discussed many STEM products that are mainly for personal usage be it in school or at home. But today the focus will be on a product that can be perfectly used in classrooms and to do so educators need effective tools and resources.

    Learning Resources and STEM education go hand in hand, and as a partner, they offer the “STEM Classroom Bundle “/” STEM Activity Bundle,” a priceless tool that enables students to excel in the field of STEM education.

    Teachers can effectively use these to make children understand the basic concepts of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. It also have some more benefits:

    • The bundle is a treasure trove of educational resources that include a wide range of materials such as interactive tools, experiment kits, manipulatives, and more.
    • This activity bundle is great for kids and it's not just a saying, one of the standout features of the STEM Classroom Bundle is its emphasis on hands-on learning. It provides students with tangible tools and materials that allow them to experiment, explore, and discover concepts in a practical way.
      This is also helpful for teachers as through this bundle they can make stem subjects more enjoyable and accessible for children.
    • The classroom bundle not only makes children understand science, technology, engineering and math but also helps in enhancing their communication skills. Any activity done in class is encouraged to be conducted in groups through which kids also learn to be a team player and learn to be cooperative.
    • As STEM activities are often related to real life applications this kit too has materials that will help kids in learning and understanding the relevance of things seen in real life.
      The bundle includes four segmented STEM products – Force & Motion Activity Set, Simple Machines Activity Set, Magnets! Activity Set, and Sink or Float Activity Set. The required machines are included through which they will get answers to questions like ‘why things sink and float?’ or ‘how things move forward?’ that also with a practical experiment.
    • Each Stem set of Learning Resources includes teacher guides, lesson plans, and online resources that help educators maximize the potential of the materials. This proves that the brand not only enhances the kids' learning but also ensures that teachers, regardless of their STEM expertise, can effectively incorporate the bundle into their curriculum.

    Wondering why only Learning Resources and their activity bundles? Then the answer will be why not, because:

    • Firstly, Learning Resources has a long history in the educational resources industry, and their products are widely recognized and trusted by educators and parents.
    • The collaboration with educators and experts ensures that their materials align with educational standards and best practices which is also a powerful reason to opt for Learning Resources’ kits.
    • Their diversity can be a significant advantage for educators looking to address the needs of a diverse classroom. A wide range of products are greatly distributed into different parts according to the age groups and grades.
      It has products for every age starting from 18 months to 8 years and above. The products and learning resources change accordingly with the age groups where coding and basic to structured science and math manipulatives are introduced.

    These above points need to be considered while thinking or buying stem products because it is essential to note that Learning Resources' products are helping children by providing them with engaging, educational, and developmentally appropriate materials that support their academic, social, and emotional growth. By fostering a love of learning, encouraging critical thinking, and promoting important life skills, these products play a crucial role in helping children reach their full potential.

    So to attain such products, visit Congeriem for assessing high quality STEM kits for your classrooms.

    Elevating Learning Environments with Hann Manufacturers

    In today’s fast-paced educational landscape, the need for innovative and functional learning environments has never been greater. Each and every educational space is enhanced with equipment according to its curriculum. We have covered a lot of blogs on educational products so today we are going to look into a product that plays a vital role in functioning those equipment.

    Schools, colleges, and educational institutions are constantly seeking ways to enhance the educational experience for students and for that required equipment is also being provided to the students but have you seen any classroom or science labs without furniture? No, isn’t it, because without proper furniture it will be not possible to take practical or any classes.

    One company that stands at the forefront of this mission – in providing the best quality furniture for all types of courses – is Hann Manufacturing, a trusted name in school furniture solutions. Since the foundation of this company, they have been providing top-notch furniture solutions designed to meet the evolving needs of educators and students.

    If you are wondering why Hann Manufacturers? And not anyone else, then do look into its features below:

    • First and foremost, they are a partner in the educational journey. They not only just sell furniture for educational purposes but also provide solutions tailored to each school’s unique requirements.
    • Hann furniture is at the top of school furniture because of its high-quality and durable products. As it is specially for school, the furniture will be regularly used so it is built in such a way that it can withstand the rigors of daily use in educational settings. Each and every segmented product – desks, chairs, storage cabinets – undergoes rigorous quality control measures to ensure longevity and reliability, so that you can work efficiently and worry-free.
    • When it comes to high-quality products, you might be wondering whether the materials are eco-friendly or not. But no need to worry, Hann Manufacturing uses eco-friendly materials and manufacturing processes to reduce its carbon footprint.
    • While maintaining the above three factors, innovation is also at its core. The company continuously explores new materials, manufacturing techniques, and design concepts to create furniture that not only meets functional requirements but also enhances the learning experience. Ergonomic designs, flexible seating options, and space-saving solutions are just a few examples of how Hann is revolutionizing the modern classroom.
    • The customization feature makes Hann Manufacturing more unique as it provides tailored furniture solutions for each school’s specific needs. The company is a master in producing whatever the custom requirement will be, be it a collaborative learning space, outfitting a science lab, or designing a cozy reading nook.

    Segmented products for various aspects of learning.

    • The first product that comes to mind while reading ‘school furniture’ is the furniture in the classroom. Hann provides a wide selection of desks and chairs designed for different age groups, from elementary to higher education and their ergonomic designs promote proper posture and comfort during long hours of study. It also offers collaborative seating and tables for 4 or 8 students which helps in group work.
    • Apart from classroom furniture, it provides storage solutions – the cabinets and shelves that help students to keep educational materials organized which can be easily accessible. Also, the lockers in the storage, games room as well and corridors are for students to keep their belongings and maintain a clutter-free learning environment.
    • Science Labs are the place where not only equipment but also proper tables and chairs are required for better learning. Laboratory Tables and Workstations are designed to withstand the rigors of scientific experiments, ensuring a safe and productive learning space for students studying STEM subjects.
    • Not only for science labs but Hann Manufacturing also provides furniture for Art rooms and Music rooms. As well as providing storage cabinets for keeping art supplies.
    • They also provide cafeteria tables and seating along with library bookshelves and reading nooks.

    These segmented products are useful when looking for any specific products and in an age where education is evolving rapidly, the importance of a well-designed and functional learning environment cannot be overstated. So, Hann Manufacturing has consistently risen to the challenge of providing top-quality school furniture solutions that enhance the educational experience for students and educators alike.

    So what are you waiting for? Design your learning space with these amazing styled furniture to make learning more engaging and fun. Visit Congeriem to elevate the learning environment.

    Explore Human Anatomy with Eisco Labs

    From a young age we all are exposed to science and how the world is dependent on it. Science is always known as the systematic study of nature as it is the foundation for many of the innovations and changes that have defined our modern society.

    When we dive into the depth of scientific study, it is divided into three parts – Physics, Biology and Chemistry.

    So, today the focus of this blog will be on the lab tools required for studying “Human Anatomy,” a branch of biology.

    It is a waste of time to study science without taking any practical lessons because practical experience greatly enhances knowledge of the subject. As high-quality equipment is essential for these studies, Eisco Labs is the supplier you need. They are known for their commitment to scientific education and their remarkable contribution to the field of human anatomy.

    Human Anatomy made easy with Eisco

    The precision and care put into Eisco Labs’ anatomical models are evident. The learning process is made interesting and immersive by these models, which provide a lifelike and three-dimensional portrayal of human anatomy.

    Students are benefited through these models as:

    • The models are lifelike and three-dimensional, each and every part of the body is accurately shown. Starting from the neurons to basic structures, it fully represents the detailed proportion of the body allowing learners to grasp the complexities of human anatomy.
    • There are a variety of models regarding human anatomy which helps students or educators to choose from a wide range according to their need, be it a full body model or specific organ models or even studying the cardiovascular system, the skeletal system, or the nervous system.
    • As these models are three-dimensional, it is nicely designed to get a view of how the organs are situated in real life which allow students to experience hands-on learning lessons.
    • Another great reason for choosing Eisco Labs’ is that the models are made of high quality materials which result in durability. Despite frequent use there is no need to be concerned about any harm in between the process of learning.

    For better understanding and choosing the appropriate products, Eisco Labs has segregated the Human Anatomy into three major parts-

    • Human Anatomy Charts – these are basically the charts or posters used initially in the study of anatomy. It is excessively used in medical schools and healthcare institutions to educate aspiring doctors, nurses, and medical professionals.
      Apart from medical schools these charts are also used in healthcare institutions to make patients understand about their
      health issues.
      As charts are easily available and don’t require much space, it is used in scientific research and forensic science too.
    • Human Anatomy Models – the models are used for detailed anatomy study specially for aspiring doctors, nurses and medical professionals. As Eisco’s models are user friendly, it can be used in each and every medical place. As mentioned above these models are mainly – full body model, specific organ models, cardiovascular system and the nervous system.
    • Human Skeletons and Bones – this section has a wide variety of skeleton parts along with stands that support the demo skeleton models. Apart from the human size skeleton model, skull model with 3D brain structure, it also has prehistoric skull replicas that help students to get a detailed view about the subject.

    While concluding it is a must say that Eisco Labs’ anatomic models offer a glimpse into the intriguing realm of human anatomy in addition to serving as teaching aids. It provides an unique educational opportunity, whether you’re a teacher hoping to motivate the future generation of medical professionals or a student eager to explore the mysteries of the human body.

    To utilize the said brand’s models, visit Congeriem, as it is the site where you can find all the necessary things at a great rate and without any fuss.

    Hands-on Learning with Innovating Science Kits

    Science is the heart of real life innovations. We use science as a tool while proving any point in a logical way because it is all about practical things, which we can see with our naked eyes and get hands-on experience.

    Science kit learning has been around from the beginning of time since the kits aided in improving understanding of a certain subject. Thus, Innovating Science kits have come up as more exciting options in the field of science education in order to stay up with the continuously changing education landscape of today. These kits are made for people of any age, whether they are college students or kids in primary school.

    Science Kits’ Positive Effects

    Innovating Science by Aldon aims to make science education more engaging, accessible and effective through experiential learning. When exposed to new things, people naturally want to try them out, and this is also true for children; when they see the science kits, they frequently show interest and want to use them straight away. It attracts children further into the study of scientific concepts throughout time.

    As curiosity drives them deeper into the subject, they use the kits for experimenting and analyzing, through which they develop critical thinking and problem solving skills.

    We are aware that many people find science intimidating or don’t want to pursue it further, but do we understand why? It may be because they had little exposure to the subject or little opportunities to participate in practicals. However, with the invention of these science kits, they have been successful in sparking young people’s curiosity in pursuing STEM education.

    Since we were young, we have been told that constant practice makes a man perfect. Children therefore have a tendency to recall and apply what they have learnt while using science kits for hands-on learning.

    Types of Innovating Science Kits:

    Aldon – Innovating Science has a wide range of products segregated in the respective fields.

    • Starting with Chemistry Kits, Innovating Science provides a variety of kits useful for different age groups. These kits help the students in understanding acids and bases concepts. Initially they would get an overview on how acid and bases are differentiated and then gradually will try it out with litmus paper. Apart from acids and bases, kits are also available for chemical reactions, chemical
      equilibrium etc.
    • Biology kits from Innovating Science offer practical lessons in genetics, microbiology, ecology, and dissection. With the help of these kits, students can investigate the complexities of life, from DNA extraction to the study of ecosystems. The kits even
      comprise of a teacher’s manual and student study guide for better understatement.
    • With the help of Physics kits students are engaged to carry out experiments that highlight fundamental physics principles. Now, you would be mistaken if you believed that there are only a few physics kits available for specific themes. These kits cover a variety of subjects, including electricity, optics, mechanics, and others.
    • As the importance of environmental issues grows, Innovating Science gives students the tools they need to investigate and solve these problems. Environmental science kits promote environmental responsibility and understanding by covering topics including checking the quality of drinking water, air pollution, and renewable energy.
    • Forensic science has been an interesting one among the others. People are seen to be more interested in this field and to boost such interest the Kits allow students to step into the shoes of crime scene investigators as it provide hands-on experiences in fingerprint analysis, hair identification, and other forensic techniques.

    Points to consider before buying:

    • Regarding the above mentioned types, you can opt for any which will be appropriate for science study. But do remember, as these are chemicals, only corporations or educational institutions can make a purchase other than that private individuals won’t be
      allowed to buy such products.

      If you are a teacher looking to buy science kits then you should be associated with any educational institutions to acquire the products.

    • To prevent any issues, it is crucial to read the “warning” before purchasing such chemical products.

    I hope this blog has given you some insight into the different science kit kinds that Innovating Science produces and how each type might be useful for you depending on your needs.

    If you feel like purchasing things to improve your student’s science education while taking safety into consideration, you have come to the perfect place. Congeriem is a one-stop shop where you can effortlessly purchase any item you want.

    Afterall Innovating Science is making a significant difference in classrooms, homeschooling environments, and educational institutions across the globe by bridging the gap between theory and practice.

    Elevate Learning with DJI Edu Hub

    Education is no longer limited to the four walls of a classroom in the ever changing world of today. It has become more accessible, interesting, and special thanks in large part to technology, which has transformed the way we learn.

    Earlier it was bound within the subjects of basic science, math and english, where only few practicals were performed apart from theory.

    But as time goes on, we are exposed to a wide range of practical studies that truly aid in knowledge development.

    In order to support these practical studies, one of the best companies of EDTech – DJI Education Hub has come up with professional education courses which are designed to support educators, students, and institutions in harnessing the power of drone technology and robotics for educational purposes.

    While availing DJI Education,you will have access to many features and materials as well as thorough tools that enable a variety of educational scenarios.

    • Keeping up with the technology world one needs to properly understand the programming language. So to make it easier to
      understand, DJI Edu provides fun and simple programming educational tools which comes with Rogram, a new programming interface for teaching learners to use Scratch and Python coding languages to create innovative robotics programs.

      And if you think that the programs created using this interface can only be utilised with a select few goods, you’d be wrong. They can be used with more than 130 different types of robots, including the whole DJI robotics product range.

    • This education hub is not only limited to students of any institutions or any other users who want to learn but can also be used by teachers as they will have easy access to course resources and question banks for all age groups.

      It will aid in the effective creation of test forms, scheduling of exams, and learner evaluations. Teachers can also design their own personalized lesson plans that are tailored to their needs.

    • The programming interface now cannot be left unchanged, am I correct? For it to be flawless, we must also keep practising.

      With the aid of a new interactive simulator – the DJI Robotics Simulator, students can program and experience the wonder of seamless virtual and real-time process integration.

      Robotics Simulator’s 3D physics engine enhances realism by simulating the features of an actual working machine, including its joint structure and recreating the effects of collisions, friction, and resistance. This simulator provides programming students with a more intuitive and useful experience when combined with a wide variety of application situations.

    • Through a comprehensive data analysis and evaluation process that includes data coding, experimental evaluation, and
      instructional management, DJI Education Hub offers students long-term learning materials.

    • Student-created programs are implemented with the aid of robots and when it comes to grading such programs, DJI has introduced an intelligent scoring system. Data from a robot’s numerous sensors are gathered and analysed by the scoring system. It is a
      precise and effective method for automatically grading problem-solving responses and students are urged to use all of their imagination as there isn’t a predetermined response.

    • The ‘one account’ feature of the edu hub works wonders. Through just one account, users can perform multiple tasks such as adding new students or teachers, manage teaching tasks and can also execute learning activities.

    Real Life applications of DJI Edu:

    • STEM education is the first and major area in which this technologically oriented educational hub has a significant impact as it helps students to develop critical thinking skills, problem-solving abilities, and a strong foundation in science and
    • High quality drones with advanced features (like sensors) by DJI manufacturers can be used for collecting data on environmental factors – like air quality, temperature, vegetation – and further can be used in ecological studies and conservation efforts.
    • These lessons can help students in practising engineering and robotics concepts while creating and programming drones and robots, as it will prepare them for jobs in these industries.

    DJI Education Hub Versions:

    The courses are divided into three versions according to the user’s need.

    • The trial version – Users, be it students or teachers, registered to the trial can enjoy all the basic features by default of such a version.
    • The advanced version – This is designed for only one person (a teacher or a student) as it can activate only one role for one account. Any users wanting to avail the advanced version will have to purchase it from the DJI Store. Upon purchase, a licence
      activation code will be sent, which must then be activated in order to utilise the advanced version’s features.
    • The professional version – It is specially designed for schools and training organisations where multiple students and teachers can be allocated. It can be acquired using the same method as the advanced feature.

    DIJ Education hub provides softwares according to the versions for different time periods. It has a product of advanced version for six months, professional version 1 year, 2 year respectively.

    Hope this blog has given you an insight about this techno-education and the types of products available. So to buy such products do visit Congeriem – your one stop solution.

    In summation, it is necessary to emphasise that the DJI Education Hub is more than just a platform; it is a portal to a future in which education is dynamic, engaging, and pertinent to the issues of the day. DJI is assisting students in acquiring the abilities they need to succeed in the twenty-first century by integrating robotics and drone technology into the classroom.

    Tips and Tricks You Must Know Before Using Glowforge Lasers

    With the advancement of technology in every sector there are scarcely any items left that are constrained by any form of source. You name it, and a technology is available to effectively complete your intended work.

    Similar to that, craftsmanship is now limitless. The days of planning out your creativity’s resources, time commitment, final product, and other factors are long gone with the rise of digital crafting equipment.

    While talking about digital crafting, the first thing that comes to mind is Glowforge Lasers. It has emerged as a revolutionary tool, granting makers and creators the ability to turn their digital designs into physical realities. Whether you’re a hobbyist, an entrepreneur, or an artist, these laser cutters can bring your ideas to life with unparalleled precision and speed.

    The range of Glowforge 3D Laser Printer is widely used in schools as it became an important part of STEM education. Students of all ages can use the machines with teacher’s supervision and can explore the design and fabrication process independently, further making their own digital designs.

    Features to consider:

    • Laser cutters are always pricey, and Glowforge’s model is no exception. So, it is important to understand what type of laser will be suitable for your work and do read the reviews as that will help in getting in depth insights.
    • As everything is getting updated, the new models of Glowforge have been introduced with a new feature where there’s no need to worry about the dust and mess. These are perfectly clean and easy to use.
    • It also has an app named – Glowforge Print App, which is compatible with all types of devices and also supports our daily usage softwares. This feature is the main reason as it attracts all types of buyers.
    • With its in-built camera feature you can align your design even after closing the lid of the laser printer.
    • This extremely accurate autofocus technology scans the surface of each printing medium to ascertain its precise height and the revert back option makes it more easy and convenient to work with.
    • The easy drag and drop feature makes it helpful for students as well as for any other design enthusiast. Even the flexibility of using any file formats while creating a design is top notch.

    Choose your most powerful laser:

    • Glowforge Plus –

      Glowforge Plus is budget-friendly making it a suitable option for those looking for a quality laser printer without the added features of the Pro.

      Apart from the monetary term, if you are thinking about a 3D laser printer to bring all your creativity to life but getting held back because of small space, then the Glowforge Plus is the one for you as it is compact and space saving.

      It doesn’t have a standard cooling feature but the cooling system in the Plus is designed to handle typical laser cutting and engraving tasks.

    • Glowforge Pro –

      With the Glowforge Pro Laser Printer, you have access to the leading-edge technology of laser cutting and engraving.

      It is equipped with a higher-powered laser compared to the Plus model which enables faster cutting and engraving thicker and denser materials.

      The pass through slot feature helps in working with longer materials for creating large and continuous designs. Now, you must be thinking that working for a longer time will heat up the machine, but no and here’s what Pro is all about.

      Its enhanced cooling system makes sure that the device can continue to operate at its best for extended durations.
      Compared to the Plus model it is priced higher because of its enhanced features and capabilities.

    • Glowforge Aura –

      This is the latest model of Glowforge and is mostly liked by all the hobbyists and others mainly because of its high quality product but at moderate price.

      The exciting feature of Aura is a tiny camera that is integrated into the top cover’s centre inside the print area. This does two tasks at once: it assists in aligning the laser head prior to each cut and displays a view of the material in your print bed to assist in aligning your designs.

      It can cut a wide variety of materials, but while doing so the smoke and particles may cause you breathing problems. So to get rid of it the air filter by Glowforge can be wirelessly attached to Aura for greater experience while working.

    Apart from hobbyists and industrial use, students can use both Pro and Plus models as it is more safe for school purposes.

    While concluding few more tips are:

    Working with these models, each needs a ventilation system to ensure safety as the dust and smoke can be harmful.

    You need to have an account in the glowforge web to get started.

    It only takes a few quick setup procedures as described in the manual to be ready to use right out of the box.

    Hope this blog has helped in understanding the features before buying any model. To get a wide range of Glowforge products visit Congeriem – one stop shop for all your desired products.

    DIY Electronics Made Simple with Circuit Scribe

    Have you ever thought about how these electronic devices actually work? From mobile phones to laptops to any home appliances, yes, they work on electricity – as the name suggests – but the materials(circuits) inside such devices actually make it work.

    We have seen circuits at some point of our life and to be honest it is really interesting to learn about. And as we all know learning anything at a young age usually stays in our memory for a longer period of time. In addition to theory, learners would greatly benefit from greater practical application of the disciplines.

    Circuit Scribe has come up with an easy and efficient product which will make circuit learning exciting and fun.

    Talking about circuits and incorporating it in studies at junior level can be beneficial for the children:

    • Learning about circuits at a young age provides a fundamental understanding of how electronic devices work and this knowledge
      can serve as a basis for more advanced studies in science and engineering.
    • Circuit learning is not easy, it has some crucial parts where the students need to understand and fix the issues in a systematic way. While doing so they will gain critical thinking and analytical skills along with problem solving skills.
    • It is also a part of STEM education and as parents and teachers/educational institutions are adopting it for junior classes,
      lead to a wide range of educational and career opportunities in the future.
    • Building circuits often involves hands-on activities, which can be engaging and interactive for young learners. It helps them connect theoretical concepts to real-world applications.
    • Through learning, students can design and build their own electronic projects as well as can ideate DIY electronics.
    • As we are headed to a more cutting-edge technology era it is important to understand circuits – the backbone of electronic
      devices – so that students will be prepared for future advancements and can also produce innovative ideas.
    • Lastly, learning circuits can also help in understanding electrical issues while repairing common electrical devices.

    Now that you are aware of the advantages circuit learning can provide, let’s see how Circuit Scribe will make this learning more engaging.

    The magic of Circuit Scribe

    They are famous for making tools for young engineers, artists & designers. As said, to make circuit learning easy and fun they come first in the priority list.

    Students can now make their own DIY robots or any projects just by drawing it on a paper. Yes, you have read it right. Just by scribbling a circuit on a paper can make the project work.

    But wait, it can’t be done using any pen or pencil, rather you have to use Circuit Scribe – is a pen that draws with conductive ink, no wires or metal soldering required. So with the help of this pen one can easily sketch functional electronics instantly. Gone are the days of needing a soldering iron, breadboards, and a maze of wires to create basic electronic circuits. Circuit Scribe simplifies the process, making it perfect for beginners and experts alike.

    Its great advantage is that it is user-friendly so each and every one can use it and ideal primarily for kids to sketch and witness their creations come to life.

    How Circuit Scribe is making learning electronics engaging;

    • With the help of Circuit Scribe, children can make custom circuits for various projects like LED blinkers and many more complex
    • The fact that the circuit is drawn on paper and the entire project is readily visible to the kids allows them to understand how it functions. Additionally, they get to identify and address any problems.
    • As mentioned above, Circuit Scribe encourages problem solving as it quickly identifies issues in the circuit and makes necessary adjustments.
    • Circuit Scribe offers project kits that guide you through building specific devices like a light-sensitive alarm or a touch-sensitive lamp. These projects make learning electronics enjoyable and rewarding.

    Kits by Circuit Scribe:

    • Circuit Scribe Inventor Kits It includes conductive ink pen, magnetic electronic components, educational workbook and a variety of online resources. The basic materials will help students in getting insights regarding circuit learning and encourage them in innovating new projects.
    • Classroom kits It is more or less same as Inventor kit. It is widely used in classrooms, camps, maker groups and robotics clubs. The drone builder is an added tool inside the kit which teaches students through practical lessons about physics, circuitry and flight.

    Steps to make your sketch live

    • Draw circuits with Circuit Scribe as the conductive silver ink from the pen allows electricity to flow through drawings without the need of wires, metal soldering and breadboards.
    • Use the electronic components – magnetic LEDs, buzzers, motors, switches- that are available in the inventor kit. Place the sketched paper on some magnetic surfacer and position the electronic components accordingly to complete the circuit and make it functional.
    • Now keep repeating the same things while using the components to make new exciting projects.

    Any electrical creation you like can be made by following the previous instructions and using the Circuit Scribe kits.

    To get a hold on these exciting kits and the Circuit Scribe pen, do visit Congeriem, where you will find all your desired products within a few clicks.

    In conclusion, Circuit Scribe is a game-changer in the world of DIY electronics. It has made studying, exploring, and building electronic circuits accessible and exciting. Circuit Scribe is your ticket to a world of creativity and innovation, whether you’re a curious young person exploring the world of electronics or an adult searching for a fun and informative hobby. So take out your pen, begin sketching circuits, and let your creativity soar. DIY electronics have never been easier!