Elevate Learning with DJI Edu Hub

Education is no longer limited to the four walls of a classroom in the ever changing world of today. It has become more accessible, interesting, and special thanks in large part to technology, which has transformed the way we learn.

Earlier it was bound within the subjects of basic science, math and english, where only few practicals were performed apart from theory.

But as time goes on, we are exposed to a wide range of practical studies that truly aid in knowledge development.

In order to support these practical studies, one of the best companies of EDTech – DJI Education Hub has come up with professional education courses which are designed to support educators, students, and institutions in harnessing the power of drone technology and robotics for educational purposes.

While availing DJI Education,you will have access to many features and materials as well as thorough tools that enable a variety of educational scenarios.

  • Keeping up with the technology world one needs to properly understand the programming language. So to make it easier to
    understand, DJI Edu provides fun and simple programming educational tools which comes with Rogram, a new programming interface for teaching learners to use Scratch and Python coding languages to create innovative robotics programs.

    And if you think that the programs created using this interface can only be utilised with a select few goods, you’d be wrong. They can be used with more than 130 different types of robots, including the whole DJI robotics product range.

  • This education hub is not only limited to students of any institutions or any other users who want to learn but can also be used by teachers as they will have easy access to course resources and question banks for all age groups.

    It will aid in the effective creation of test forms, scheduling of exams, and learner evaluations. Teachers can also design their own personalized lesson plans that are tailored to their needs.

  • The programming interface now cannot be left unchanged, am I correct? For it to be flawless, we must also keep practising.

    With the aid of a new interactive simulator – the DJI Robotics Simulator, students can program and experience the wonder of seamless virtual and real-time process integration.

    Robotics Simulator’s 3D physics engine enhances realism by simulating the features of an actual working machine, including its joint structure and recreating the effects of collisions, friction, and resistance. This simulator provides programming students with a more intuitive and useful experience when combined with a wide variety of application situations.

  • Through a comprehensive data analysis and evaluation process that includes data coding, experimental evaluation, and
    instructional management, DJI Education Hub offers students long-term learning materials.

  • Student-created programs are implemented with the aid of robots and when it comes to grading such programs, DJI has introduced an intelligent scoring system. Data from a robot’s numerous sensors are gathered and analysed by the scoring system. It is a
    precise and effective method for automatically grading problem-solving responses and students are urged to use all of their imagination as there isn’t a predetermined response.

  • The ‘one account’ feature of the edu hub works wonders. Through just one account, users can perform multiple tasks such as adding new students or teachers, manage teaching tasks and can also execute learning activities.

Real Life applications of DJI Edu:

  • STEM education is the first and major area in which this technologically oriented educational hub has a significant impact as it helps students to develop critical thinking skills, problem-solving abilities, and a strong foundation in science and
  • High quality drones with advanced features (like sensors) by DJI manufacturers can be used for collecting data on environmental factors – like air quality, temperature, vegetation – and further can be used in ecological studies and conservation efforts.
  • These lessons can help students in practising engineering and robotics concepts while creating and programming drones and robots, as it will prepare them for jobs in these industries.

DJI Education Hub Versions:

The courses are divided into three versions according to the user’s need.

  • The trial version – Users, be it students or teachers, registered to the trial can enjoy all the basic features by default of such a version.
  • The advanced version – This is designed for only one person (a teacher or a student) as it can activate only one role for one account. Any users wanting to avail the advanced version will have to purchase it from the DJI Store. Upon purchase, a licence
    activation code will be sent, which must then be activated in order to utilise the advanced version’s features.
  • The professional version – It is specially designed for schools and training organisations where multiple students and teachers can be allocated. It can be acquired using the same method as the advanced feature.

DIJ Education hub provides softwares according to the versions for different time periods. It has a product of advanced version for six months, professional version 1 year, 2 year respectively.

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In summation, it is necessary to emphasise that the DJI Education Hub is more than just a platform; it is a portal to a future in which education is dynamic, engaging, and pertinent to the issues of the day. DJI is assisting students in acquiring the abilities they need to succeed in the twenty-first century by integrating robotics and drone technology into the classroom.