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Manufacturer ID -P5010200

xTool F1 is a handheld laser engraver of 2023 that directly competes with LaserPecker 4. When it comes to laser engraving, we worry about size and portability, along with material compatibility. The xTool F1 solves everything with a single solution. It features two separate laser heads for greater material compatibility and among them, one laser head generates a laser beam of 1064 nm wavelength that ultimately helps the user to engrave softer material & put laser marks on stainless steel, gold, bronoze, platinum etc.


As said earlier, the xTool F1 solves many problems in a single solution. The F1 is the first combo hand-held laser engraver that can cut, engrave, and mark which is amazing. The rotary attachment works flawlessly, contributing to engraving round objects such as Tumblers & Yeti cups. The smoke purifier is undoubtedly a necessary add-on that helps in reducing the smoke and toxic fumes though it requires some extra bit of money. The engraving speed is insanely good, beating other similar laser engravers at this similar price range.

Laser Quality

The xTool F1 comes with a 10W diode laser which fires at 455 nm wavelength, and another laser head of 2W that is capable of generating laser beam at 1064 nm wavelength which is essential for laser marking stainless steel, Platinum, Gold and other sensitive material such as iphone’s back part & laptop lid.

Engraving Quality

From the speed point, the xTool F1 is a beast that can engrave at 4000 mm/s. You can engrave a family picture at 1000 DPI within 5 seconds. While testing the machine, we noticed that the xTool f1 can engrave at 0.003 mm accuracy which is so far the most precise and cleaner engraving performance as of today.

For a better understanding, here’s a list of engraving time taken from different materials:

  • Engraving a picture on glass: 5 seconds
  • Engraving a wooden coffee cup coaster: 8 Seconds
  • Engraving a paper envelope: less than 1 second
  • Marking a leather tag: 6 seconds
  • Etching on the apple air pod kit: 3 seconds
Brand Xtool
Manufacturer No P5010200
Engraving size 100*100mm with side extension
Engraving Speed 4000 mm/s
Resolution HD 4K


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