Classroom Makeover with the Help of INTERACTIVE DISPLAYS

Technologies continue to play a vital role in influencing how students learn and interact with academic information.The incorporation of interactive screens into classrooms has been one of the most important advancements in recent years.

We have all been a part of blackboard classrooms at some point of our life and the constant need of dusting and writing was tiring. So with the advent of technologies educational institutions are adapting Interactive Displays to boost their academic performance while making teaching more fun and interactive.


We all know that interactive displays can make learning fun but there are more to it –

  • By investing in interactive displays, it develops critical analytical skills among students as it helps in preparing students for professional upliftment. The interactive split screen feature helps teachers to easily explain concepts by writing and playing videos simultaneously and students for better understanding.
  • Videos, animations, and interactive simulations are a few of the multimedia tools that are available to educators through interactive displays. To make learning more concrete and approachable, these materials can be smoothly included into lectures to provide examples of abstract concepts.
  • Differentiated education is made possible through interactive displays, which let teachers modify lessons and activities in accordance with the learning preferences and rates of their pupils. This individualized method promotes higher involvement and deeper comprehension.
  • The visual components of interactive displays aid visual learners, while kinesthetic learners can engage with the content physically, enabling a variety of learning styles.
  • Through this kids gain crucial digital literacy abilities. They pick up the skills necessary to effectively cooperate online, use multimedia information, and traverse digital interfaces.
  • Also to mention, the instant feedback that students get through interactive displays, helps the students as well as teachers to tailor individual needs effectively.


Apart from above mentioned usage, the interactive displays can also be implemented for:

  • Extensive training courses to acquaint educators with the technology and its advantages. This guarantees that educators can use interactive displays to their fullest capacity in the classroom.
  • Teachers can strategically incorporate interactive elements to reinforce key concepts and engage students.
  • Encourage group work and discussions around the interactive display as Collaborative learning environments encourage cooperation, effective communication, and the exchange of various viewpoints.
  • Content curation – as libraries can have interactive content, including educational apps, simulations, and digital textbooks, to support teachers in creating engaging and informative lessons.


The integration of interactive displays in classroom makeovers is reshaping the educational experience for both educators and students. With the help of these cutting-edge solutions, typical classrooms may be transformed into vibrant learning hubs by encouraging active involvement, personalisation, and increased engagement.


Such as, the Convertible mobile stand by Clear Touch – gives the possibility of easily explaining to the whole class with it’s height and tilt adjustment features. It supports 55” – 75” interactive panels and having a 5 year warranty makes it more compelling.

The mobile Digital Signage System by Clear Touch – can be used by any business institution to display customized text, video and image content. Its cord free and rechargeable battery option make it easy to use.

Clear Touch Interactive UHD Panel – is used in educational institutions by combining the vibrant clarity of Ultra HD resolution with stunning performance. With the help of Clear Touch’s software these panels can be used in classrooms for real – time collaboration as it has the feature of connecting 6 student devices at once, can make lesson notes on screen as well as can stream videos from connected devices.


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