ROBOTICS – Empowering Kids for the Future

Robotics has been a game changer in helping kids develop essential skills and get exposed to further challenges they might face along with having the ability to solve them. It is known that robotics are the future, so to easily run the functions of such robots it is needed to train the young minds.

For which, robotics are being introduced to the kids in both classrooms and homes. Robots and AI being the future – it is already being used in many fields like medicine, manufacturing, transportation, analytical tasks, GPS and many more – learning about the topic is also important. It requires studying the fields of Science, Math, Engineering and Design which makes it easy to understand robotics.


DIY robots by renowned brands made it easier for children as well as teachers in schools and parents to learn and teach about coding and mechanics. When there’s a need/opportunity to design and personalize the robots it helps the children in getting deeper insights of exploring a wide range of ideas and concepts. Through this they learn to innovate in unique ways and get a chance to strengthen their creative thinking abilities.


Involving robotics in schools is very essential as it’s the basic source of providing knowledge and to make the future ready for robots and AI technologies, preparing the young minds should be prioritized.

Children are often required to work in groups on robotics projects, which encourages them to interact, exchange ideas, and assign duties. Collaboration projects can also help students develop important interpersonal skills including compromise, bargaining, and active listening.


There is a vast range of robotics for children of different ages. Starting from Building kits – involve assembling pre made parts which allow kids to build robots without the need for complex tools, Coding & Programming kits – have visual programming interfaces that introduces coding concepts through drag and drop blocks, Remote controlled robot kits – allow children to build and control drones, boats or cars which help them to understand motor skills, coordination and basic engineering principles, Environmental robot kits – these robots are designed for cleaning, gardening or monitoring which allows children to learn sustainability and how robotics are used in real world scenarios, Competitive kitsthese robot kits challenges children to design, build and programme robots to complete specific tasks.These are few most used robotics in educational sectors and to train young minds.

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