Step-by-step Guide to Setting up Nancy B’s Hydroponics Kit

Science education and environmental awareness has become more important than ever and making young people comprehend them has grown to be essential.

So, to make it easy for children to understand science and the environment, today we are going to discuss Hydroponics Kit by Nancy B. It is a brilliant tool which ignites curiosity and nature eco-friendly values in children.

This blog will guide you in setting up Nancy B’s Hydroponics kit and if it’s your first time knowing about it, then do follow Nancy B's Hydroponics Kit: The Ultimate Green Revolution for Kids to get a detailed overview about Hydroponics Kit.

Similar to how everything needs to be properly prepared before beginning, you must follow the procedures while working on your hydroponic garden.

  • Collect the materials: Before starting your hydroponic garden you must have all the important materials from Nancy B’s kit for a smooth and adventurous green journey.
    Materials needed are:

    • Hydroponic reservoir
    • Growing medium (e.g., clay pellets, coconut coir)
    • Planting pots
    • Nutrient solution
    • Seeds (variety depends on the kit)
    • Instruction manual
  • Choose a proper setup location: It is very important to choose your setup location as it can make or break your hydroponic garden.
    Be careful to choose a location away from the sun. Although sunshine is necessary for plants to flourish, it is better to maintain these kinds of plants in indirect sunlight because direct ones can be too harsh for its growth.
    After choosing the place, keep the Hydroponic reservoir on something which is stable. You can choose a table for better outcome and make sure that the reservoir is near to any electrical outlet so that the water pump can work perfectly.
  • Prepare the reservoir: Once the setup is completed, it’s time to start preparing the reservoir where the plant will be placed. It is needed to fill the hydroponic reservoir with water according to the instructions given in the instruction manual.
    While filling the tube with water it is important to keep some space open while filling the tube with water so that the nutrient solution can pass through.
  • Setting up the growing medium: After the completion of the reservoir setup, it's time for the growing medium. The kit already provides growing medium such as – clay pellets or coconut coir and it should be filled in the planting pots for supporting the plants. Further the pots will be kept inside the hydroponic reservoir ensuring that they are stable and can access the water below.
  • Choose & Plant your seeds: The kit by Nancy B already provides some seeds of different types of plants so it is easier for children to choose instantly from those and get started without any hassle. Once you have chosen the seeds, plant them in the growing medium within the planting pots while following recommended planting depths and spacing for the specific plant type.
  • Adding the nutrient solution: Now it’s time for pouring the nutrient solution. This task should be done by carefully following the instruction manual that is already included in the kit. Determine the proper ratio for mixing the nutrient solution with water and thoroughly mix the nutrient solution in a separate container. Once it's done carefully pour the nutrient solution into the hydroponic reservoir, ensuring it reaches the recommended level.
  • Creating the perfect environment: As directed above, the hydroponic kit should be kept under indirect sunlight and appropriate temperature range according to the type of chosen plant. If needed you can also use supplemental grow lights to provide consistent, adequate light for your plants.
  • Monitor your Hydroponic Kit: Once everything is done and properly set up, it is important to take care of the plants. You might be thinking that as the plant is grown without soil it can also grow on its own without any assistance. But that’s not the case, you need to regularly check the water level in the reservoir and top it up with plain water as necessary to maintain the correct nutrient solution level also keep an eye on your plants' growth, ensuring they receive the right amount of light and care.
    If you are confused regarding something do follow the instruction manual.
  • Observe and Learn: Lastly, all you need to do is keep an eye on the growth of the plant as it encourages children to understand the height, leaf development, and any other interesting phenomena.

Hope this blog has helped in understanding the setup process of Nancy B’s Hydroponics Kit. So get started today with the Kit as it is an educational and enjoyable experience that nurtures curiosity and eco-consciousness in children. Through this hands-on journey, kids can
explore the wonders of science and sustainability, all while witnessing their plants thrive in a hydroponic environment.