AOSEED X-MAKER: Empowering Young Minds Through 3D Printing

In today's digital age, it's crucial to provide our kids the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in a world that is fast changing and the education system is also adapting accordingly. Kids are exposed to STEM education which comprises science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Now, to make such study interesting there are a wide range of products which help kids learn in a fun way.

In the technology category, 3D printers are the one which has become popular in the educational sector.

It was initially produced for children of higher classes and specially for hobbyists and industrialists. But AOSEED – a renowned toy brand, specially for children – has come up with 3D printers which are suitable for kids.

You must be wondering how printers will actually be beneficial for them? But as we all know doing any task practically helps us understand the topic more, so, introducing 3D printers offer children hands-on experience with technology as well as it bridges the gap between imagination and reality by transforming their creative ideas into real objects.

Why AOSEED X-MAKER 3D Printer is great for kids?

This printer is mainly designed for kids so.

  • Safety becomes the top most priority. It is not like any other printers where all the moveable parts are clearly visible as well as accessible. The 3D printer is equipped with safety features like fully enclosed printing area and safety sensors which prevents kids from hot or moving components.
  • The printer is user-friendly as it comes with an intuitive interface that is easy for kids to navigate. It has a 3.5” LCD touchscreen on the front side along with a USB Port which simplifies the printing process, allowing children to focus on their creative ideas rather than struggling with complicated settings.
  • This 3D printer supports a wide range of materials, opening up endless possibilities for creative projects. From PLA to ABS and even flexible filaments, the AOSEED X-MAKER can handle it all, giving kids the freedom to experiment and learn.
  • Along with the printer it comes with USB Flash Drive which comprises few pre-loaded 3D models. It can be used as a kick start to see how it actually works. Another benefit is that you may stop a work at any time and pick it up again later without any loss
  • By using this 3D printer, it encourages experimentation and problem-solving in an effort to promote a growth mentality. When a young mind faces obstacles and overcomes them, resilience and confidence are strengthened.

Though this printer is mainly for the kids aged from 4 to 12 years, parents’ involvement is needed while assembling the printer and making kids understand the hardwares and softwares of the product. While doing so it encourages parent-child interaction and making kids learn the safety features along with innovating creative objects.

As it already has a wide range of pre-loaded 3D models in the USB Flash Drive, children can easily start printing the models and can have a collection of toys, which further can be used for any creative games or can simply witness their imagination coming to life.

As the world continues to advance in technology and innovation, preparing our children for the future becomes increasingly important. So while concluding it is a must say that the AOSEED X MAKER 3D printer is a valuable tool in achieving this goal. It instills a love for learning, nurtures creativity, and equips young minds with skills that will serve them well in any field they choose to pursue.

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Revolutionising Education with Matter and Form 3D Scanners

In the constantly changing educational landscape technology continues to play a crucial role in influencing how students learn and teachers educate. And one of the remarkable advancements in this domain is the integration of 3D scanning technology into classrooms as it transforms education by providing a comprehensive learning approach that goes well beyond conventional approaches.

Since 2013, one brand that perfectly fits in this category and has constantly been a game changer in education is ‘Matter and Form 3D Scanners’. It provides students with powerful tools to explore, create and learn in three dimensions.

So, in this blog we will delve into the world of Matter and Form 3D Scanners, exploring their applications, benefits, and the ways in which they are reshaping the educational experience.

First, let’s focus on understanding Matter and Form 3D Scanners- These scanners are innovative and user-friendly devices that are specially designed for capturing physical objects and turning them into digital 3D models. These are really good for various educational fields – like engineering and designing, art and craft, history, archeology – and also for industrial sectors. Their popularity in various fields is only possible due to its intriguing features.

  • While working, high quality outcome is always needed and keeping such in mind, the 3D scanners by Matter and Form are equipped with high-resolution cameras and precision sensors that capture detailed 3D information from physical objects enabling users to achieve highly accurate and suitable digital models for a wide range of applications.
  • In this fast paced world time is precious regardless of the circumstances. You might reason that since using 3D scanners or printers takes a lot of time, you might as well forgo the procedure but don’t worry, this brand has got you the fastest scanner ever allowing users to capture 3D scans relatively quickly, which is especially important in any kind of settings.
  • During the time of scanning any object it is also important to get the detailed features of it, so by using MAF’s scanner you can capture the intricate features of an object. It is only possible with the help of ‘multiple scan modes’ which includes “automatic” for ease of use and “fine detail” to capture the detailed features.
  • Now, without software technology seems futile. So Matter and Form provide user-friendly software that facilitates the scanning process. It also guides the users to set up the scanner, starting from setting up the scanner, calibrating it, and processing the scanned data.

As we have talked about its features, let’s see how it is applicated in the education sector:

  • Starting with the STEM education, MAF’s Scanners are really helpful as it fosters experimentation and innovation within children. It enhances science education by scanning items relevant to experiments. Also helps in exploring physics principles, study chemical reactions, or analyze geological samples in 3D while facilitating hands-on learning by creating 3D models of molecules, cells, or geological formations.
    For engineering and technology education 3D Scanning can be used for studying mechanical components, and design prototypes while encouraging problem-solving skills and innovation through hands-on engineering projects.
    3D scanning enhances the teaching of geometry and mathematical concepts by creating 3D models of geometric shapes, equations, and mathematical functions for visual representation. It also helps students in exploring spatial relationships and geometric properties.
  • 3D scanning is also ideal for art and design classes as it inspires creativity. With the help of scanners artists can make artistic projects, sculptures, or product designs.
  • It can also be used for historical and geographical studies. It might sound surprising but yes, these scanners will help in scanning geological formations, landscapes, or topographical maps enabling students to interact with and understand physical geography through digital 3D models.
    And as for the historical and archaeological studies, it can create digital archives of historical artifacts, sculptures and archaeological sites.

These are the few important educational sectors where 3D scanners work wonders and help students to learn, create and innovate.

In conclusion, Matter and Form 3D Scanners are more than just tools, they are catalysts for educational transformation and provide a look into the future of education, where creativity knows no bounds, and serve as a prime illustration of how technology may improve the educational experience.

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A Comprehensive Guide to BBC Micro:bit

In an increasingly digital world, technological literacy is a crucial skill for students and those interested. It is considered important because edtech plays a crucial role in shaping the development and future prospects of young minds.

Thousands of brands/products are there in the market which are solely made for kids in enhancing their technological studies through interactive materials.

Among them, one of the engaging digital literacy materials is BBC micro:bit. It is a potent tool created to make learning programming and electronics fun and interesting. This thorough introduction to the micro:bit will get you started on your path to realizing its full potential, whether you're a teacher trying to improve your classroom environment or a hobbyist interested in experimenting with code and hardware.

Focusing on the aim of micro:bit is important as it it not just another edtech material

  • Its primary aim is to cater the basics of coding and electronics to young learners.
  • It is incredibly user-friendly and beginners friendly because of its simplicity and ease of use make it an excellent choice for educators who want to introduce programming and electronics to students with no prior experience.
    While talking about micro:bit being user-friendly, it really stays true to that as it is designed to be accessible to a wide range of users, including those with disabilities. Features like large buttons and edge connectors that are easy to manipulate, making it suitable for a diverse audience.
  • The BBC micro:bit includes an extensive collection of learning materials, including guides, lesson plans, and coding environments created especially for the device.
  • The inventions of students are not only bound within four walls, rather they have an option in expressing it in front of the whole world. The online community enables students as well as educators to share their ideas, projects and solutions which acts as a valuable resource for the micro:bit users.
  • Apart from coding, this edtech material also allows students to show their creativity which eventually encourages the kids in learning programming with joy.

It's important to familiarize yourself with the hardware elements of the micro:bit before getting started with programming and projects.

  • LED Display – Micro:bit features a 5×5 LED matrix as light sensor that can display text and simple images. As it can sense the light source, it can easily detect and respond to where the light source is located.
  • Buttons – The buttons here are used as input devices and micro:bit contains three buttons altogether. Two are programmable buttons and one is the reset button. The programmable buttons are located on the LED Matrix side and the reset button is located on the back side of the microcontroller.
  • Sensors – It includes sensors like an accelerometer and a compass to detect motion and direction as well as a temperature sensor which measures and gives an approximate air temperature.
  • Micro:bit also has a USB Port which helps in programming as users connect it with the computer and can also be powered, all through the port.

Above points were all about what micro:bit has and its features, but to actually make it work programming language is needed.

But don’t worry there are numerous programming languages you can use to program it, including:

  • MakeCode – It is a block based programming environment specially for beginners, those who don’t have earlier programming experience. It makes coding super easy by allowing you to drag and drop the code blogs to create programs.
  • MicroPython – It is text based coding preferably for users, who are familiar with coding.
  • JavaScript – For programming microcontrollers like micro:bit, JavaScript interpreter called Espruino can be used.

The BBC micro:bit has two versions- micro:bit v1 and micro:bit v2; the updated version consists of many new features along with supporting the original version.

Get started with making a few simple projects for better understanding the micro:bit. Here are few suggestions that you can program-

  • Digital pets; Where the virtual pets will respond to the buttons and emotions will be displayed on the LED matrix.
  • Temperature monitor; That will display the current temp.
  • Hope this blog has helped you in getting an insight on what micro:bit is and how it can be used for different purposes.

    So while concluding it is important to note that this microcontroller enables people of all ages to learn about programming and electronics and to obtain such exciting thing visit Congeriem, where you can find all your desired products within a few clicks.

    Be a Game Creator with UME Academy’s Video Game Development Curriculum

    In today’s digital age everything has shifted to the online platform. Though traditional means are there , digital is what is getting the most attention. Games is also a section which has spread its parts in the digital world too. Nowadays, video games are going hand in hand with sports as each sector conducts its own matches and are given equal importance.

    Gone are the days where video games were considered a waste of time, now people took it as their passion and are excelling at it as it became an integral part of our lives, offering immersive experiences, entertainment, and even career opportunities.

    To boost this passion of making video games and bringing the virtual worlds to life, UME Academy is providing a Video Game Development Curriculum.

    UME Academy's Video Game Development Curriculum is designed to nurture your creativity and technical skills while providing hands-on experience in the world of game development. Whether you're a seasoned coder or a complete beginner, this program caters to all skill levels, making it accessible to anyone with a passion for gaming.

    If you are in doubt and wondering this will be same as any other curriculum then its a must to focus on their exciting factors:

    • Their cutting-edge curriculum has earned UME the first place in the video gaming industry as it ensures that the students are exposed to the latest trends, technologies and tools in game development.
    • Video games are no longer harmful for kids, but through this kids can also get deep insight about STEM education as they are exposed to technology and coding at an early stage.
    • This curriculum provides hands-on-learning through practical projects and students get the opportunity to work on real-world projects, enabling them to apply the concepts and skills they learn in a meaningful way.
    • Along with learning, UME also provides networking opportunities with industry professionals and potential employers because the academy understands the importance of real world work
      opportunities. For which the instructors are industry professionals with extensive real-world experience in game development.

    Enrolling for UME Video Game Development Curriculum will be beneficial for both – beginner and the advanced.

    They develop critical thinking, communication skills and social emotional skills by designing video games.

    If you are a teacher and want to introduce an interesting way of learning games then definitely UME is the one as it can be easily integrated in classrooms.

    This development curriculum not only helps you in learning to create games by programming but also incorporates other sectors of education like, sound and music, animation and graphics.

    The curriculum is divided into flexible timing according to your need. It offers from annual subscription – great for education institutes – to hour wise sessions.

    In conclusion, UME Video Game Development Curriculum is your ticket to fulfil your game creator dream. Whether you aspire to work for a renowned game studio or launch your own indie game, this program equips you with the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in the ever-evolving world of game development. Along with that, it plays a vital role in STEM education which nurtures the young minds and helps them work towards their dream.

    So go and grab your Game Development Curriculum today from Congeriem – for a hustle free buying.

    Coding the Visual Arts with Artie Max

    Everything seems limitless in a society that is increasingly fueled by technology and digital innovation. There aren't many things left that can't be controlled digitally just like that the realm of art has likewise moved to digital platforms. In addition to hand-drawn artwork, digital artwork is currently in demand and has become crucial for anyone looking to work in that industry.

    With the advancement of technology driven environment, the education system has also adapted the needed resources. Focus of modern technology has always been on science and mathematics studies, but now we're going to look at the world of art and see how coding is also used there.

    Artie Max by Educational Insights has opened doors to the domain of art with the help of coding as it has given artists new ways to express themselves and pushed the limits of conventional art genres.

    This is mainly designed for grade school students to engage them in art along with coding, enhancing their critical thinking and creativity.

    Let's Explore what Creative Coding is:

    Creative coding is basically about creating arts with coding and Artie Max is the one that empowers artists to turn their ideas into digital masterpieces. Whether you're an experienced coder or a newbie in the world of programming, Artie Max offers a user-friendly environment to explore your artistic potential.

    If you have any doubts about Artie's ability to produce art, it's crucial to realize that it is not like other coding platforms and that it has an intuitive user interface and three replaceable onboard markers which allow it to draw in accordance with the coding.

    Users type commands into a programming language, and Artie Max draws lines in accordance with those commands.

    Some Important Features of Artie Max:

    • Given that it relies on code, the visual coding interface element gives people a realistic understanding of how their coding is controlling the robot. Additionally, it aids in identifying errors and makes it simple to update codes thanks to drag-and-drop capabilities.
      This makes it incredibly accessible for kids and others who don’t have much knowledge about programming.
    • The most exciting feature of this robot is that it can work without the internet, allowing users to use it anywhere without worrying about network problems.
      If you are thinking about how it will actually work then the Wi-Fi feature comes to the rescue. Artie’s safe and secured Wi-Fi speakers directly to your connected devices and enables smooth coding while creating art.
    • With the help of Artie's three interchangeable markers, you may utilize any hue to bring your ideas to life. Coding the colors according to your choice will get you the desired results and the markers can also be changed in between to make the work more creative.
    • The creative coding robot is a rechargeable one so there’s no need to be concerned about the battery dying in the middle of working and the smart sensors help in smooth working.
    • In addition to the features listed above, it benefits STEM education since it fosters children's creativity and problem-solving abilities. Art is a subject which brings joy and breaks the monotonous study routine. But through this robot, children get to learn to code in five different coding languages – Blockly, Snap!, JavaScript, Python, and C++ – in an interesting way while bringing their imaginations to life.

    Wondering how to get started with Artie Max? No worries, just follow the instructions given below to get your creative journey started.

    • The first and foremost thing you need to do is to download the Artie Max software from their website on your computer, laptop or tablet because with the help of Wi-Fi the robot can be connected from any device.
    • Artie Max offers a range of tutorials and resources to help you get started. The built in coding apps helps you to access from your browser along with giving the option to save, load and edit your designs.
    • Once the setup is done, you can connect with other artists to share your work and collaborate on projects.
      And for kids, they can create different art works while working in a group, gradually enhancing their communication skills.

    So, go and grab your Artie Max today to start your creative journey. Whether you are an educator or parents or an artist itself, it will give your students/kids a platform to excel in different things with just one item. For buying Artie Max visit Congeriem to get it on a great deal without any hassle.

    Building Brilliance with STEM Classroom Bundle by Learning Resources

    In today’s rapidly advancing world STEM is more critical than ever. It seems like the world is revolving around STEM and as always introducing it to kids will enhance their learning.

    Earlier we have discussed many STEM products that are mainly for personal usage be it in school or at home. But today the focus will be on a product that can be perfectly used in classrooms and to do so educators need effective tools and resources.

    Learning Resources and STEM education go hand in hand, and as a partner, they offer the “STEM Classroom Bundle “/” STEM Activity Bundle,” a priceless tool that enables students to excel in the field of STEM education.

    Teachers can effectively use these to make children understand the basic concepts of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. It also have some more benefits:

    • The bundle is a treasure trove of educational resources that include a wide range of materials such as interactive tools, experiment kits, manipulatives, and more.
    • This activity bundle is great for kids and it's not just a saying, one of the standout features of the STEM Classroom Bundle is its emphasis on hands-on learning. It provides students with tangible tools and materials that allow them to experiment, explore, and discover concepts in a practical way.
      This is also helpful for teachers as through this bundle they can make stem subjects more enjoyable and accessible for children.
    • The classroom bundle not only makes children understand science, technology, engineering and math but also helps in enhancing their communication skills. Any activity done in class is encouraged to be conducted in groups through which kids also learn to be a team player and learn to be cooperative.
    • As STEM activities are often related to real life applications this kit too has materials that will help kids in learning and understanding the relevance of things seen in real life.
      The bundle includes four segmented STEM products – Force & Motion Activity Set, Simple Machines Activity Set, Magnets! Activity Set, and Sink or Float Activity Set. The required machines are included through which they will get answers to questions like ‘why things sink and float?’ or ‘how things move forward?’ that also with a practical experiment.
    • Each Stem set of Learning Resources includes teacher guides, lesson plans, and online resources that help educators maximize the potential of the materials. This proves that the brand not only enhances the kids' learning but also ensures that teachers, regardless of their STEM expertise, can effectively incorporate the bundle into their curriculum.

    Wondering why only Learning Resources and their activity bundles? Then the answer will be why not, because:

    • Firstly, Learning Resources has a long history in the educational resources industry, and their products are widely recognized and trusted by educators and parents.
    • The collaboration with educators and experts ensures that their materials align with educational standards and best practices which is also a powerful reason to opt for Learning Resources’ kits.
    • Their diversity can be a significant advantage for educators looking to address the needs of a diverse classroom. A wide range of products are greatly distributed into different parts according to the age groups and grades.
      It has products for every age starting from 18 months to 8 years and above. The products and learning resources change accordingly with the age groups where coding and basic to structured science and math manipulatives are introduced.

    These above points need to be considered while thinking or buying stem products because it is essential to note that Learning Resources' products are helping children by providing them with engaging, educational, and developmentally appropriate materials that support their academic, social, and emotional growth. By fostering a love of learning, encouraging critical thinking, and promoting important life skills, these products play a crucial role in helping children reach their full potential.

    So to attain such products, visit Congeriem for assessing high quality STEM kits for your classrooms.