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X-MAKER 3D Printer

Gamify Design App | One-Press Printing | High Speed Wi-Fi | Leveling Free | 3.5″ Touch Screen Make Anything | Toy Factory

X-MAKER | A Smart 3D Printer with Gamification 3D Design App

X-MAKER 3D Printer, with all-new Gamify 3D Design App and easy-to-use One-Press Printing, dramatically lowers the barriers of 3D Design & 3D Printing, to help kids and adults make their creativity touchable through 3D printer easier than ever.

The most Easy-To-Use 3D Printer with One-Press Printing feature

A Smart App with Infinite Possibilities

elaborate well-designed model database; gamification mini programs for beginners; LEGO-style design Apps to make model-design easier than ever; automatic optimization in model printing; compatible with almost all platforms.

X-MAKER 3D Printer

More specific innovation for home usage, easy of use and powerful functions

Gamify 3D Design Gadgets-Make Creation Touchable

There are 15 gamify 3D design "mini-programs" , all are super easy to DIY your digital creations.

Bio-degradable & Environment-friendly material

Novel gradient PLA filaments for colorful creative works and whole family safety.

A Reliable and Powerful Desktop 3D Printer


  • Name: X-MAKER 3D printer
  • Printer dimension: 360*370*370 mm
  • Model: V4.0
  • Package dimension: 440*440*460 mm
  • Nozzle temp: ≤265℃
  • Net weight: 10.9 kg
  • Bed temp: ≤110℃
  • Grossweight: 13.45 kg
  • Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm
  • Maximum build volume: 150*150*150 mm
  • Input: AC power 200V~240V, 50/60Hz 1.6A
  • Control panel: 3.5-inch touch screen
  • USB2.0 Output: 5V 0.5A
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi / U disk
  • FCC ID: 2A35N-V04
  • File type: Xcode / Gcode
  • Compatible filaments: PLA/ABS
  • Supplied software: X-MAKER App / X-PRINT
  • Language: Chinese / English
Elaborate Design with Dedicated Efforts and Iterations
  • Perfect split-plot design & Transparent multi-angle windows
  • Safe and round styling & Double ‘L’ breathing lights

Simple & fun for everyone