NextWaveSTEM | Introduction to Drones: Take Flight! | We Teach | Designed for learners in Grades K-2

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Take STEM education to the skies in our hands-on K-2 Drones course! Students will learn key concepts around safety, lift, balance, and drag as they operate real drones through a variety of challenges. Additionally, students will explore the programming side of drones as they use Scratch Jr. to create autonomous flight simulations!

We Teach Includes
  • Live Instruction Services – Onsite or Remote
  • Equipment – Equipment is not included, additional purchase required
Introduction to Drones Identify the key components and functions of a drone.
Exploring Propellors Explore how propellors make drones and helicopters fly.
Parachute Experiments Learn about drag and design fall-slowing parachutes
Relay Race Make a plan to move the drone from one student to the next.
Drone Cargo Evaluate how weight affects a drones flight.
Drone Stamina Observe how flight length and battery charge affect a drone's performance
Flight Height Use a string and other measuring tools to evaluate a drone's flight height.
Messenger Drone Use drones to send and receive secret messages
Bird's Eye View Create maps of how the drone sees the room from above
Camoflauge Decorate the drone so it blends into its environment.
Designing a Drone Discuss the pros, cons, and key design requirements of a drone.
Simple Drone Simulation Use Scratch Jr. to program a simple drone flight simulation
Drone Navigation Use Scratch Jr. to create a "map" and program the drone to navigate it
 Drone Pickup Use Scratch Jr. to program a drone to pick up and move an object.
Drone Delivery Use Scratch Jr. to program a drone to drop off a package at a location

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