Innovating Science® - APï®® Biology Investigation #7: Cell Division: Mitosis and Meiosis

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Students will learn about acids and bases through a class discussion and then test a dilute acid and dilute base with neutral litmus paper to learn how the paper indicates something is acidic or basic. Once that skill is learned they can move on to test some common items that would be found around their house to determine if they are acids or bases. Optional: Extra litmus paper is included to test more items either from home or around the school building for a greater understanding of acids and bases. The activity contains enough materials for 6 groups of students.

Safety Data Sheet

Students will study the cellular steps involved in DNA replication and cell division in both mitosis and meiosis. This investigation will allow students to examine the stages of mitosis in the preparation of plant root tips. Crossing over in meiosis will also be investigated through the use of Sordaria cultures. Meets AP Science Practices 1, 5, 6, and 7, and Big Idea 3. Materials provided for 32 students in eight lab groups.

Kit Includes:
10 Disposable scalpels, sterile
20 Petri Dishes, Sterile
200mL Sordaria Agar
200mL Sordaria Mating Agar
8 Disposable Inoculating Loops, Sterile
8 Forceps
1 pkg Microscope Slides
1 pkg Coverslips
16 Plastic Pipettes
8 Plastic Cups
500g Sand
30mL Hydrochloric Acid, 6.0M
30mL Toluidine Blue, 1%

Coupon redeemable for:
Sordaria, wild type
Sordaria, tan mutant

Materials Needed but not Supplied:
Distilled Water
Microwave or Hot Waterbath
Garlic Cloves

pH Buffers
Plant Hormones (e.g. indole acetic acid, kinetin)
Any other materials students may think might affect the rate of mitosis in garlic root tips

DOT Info:
Small quantity exemption 173.4
THIS PACKAGE CONFORMS TO 49 CFR 173.4 for domestic highway or rail transport only

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Respirable crystalline silica, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to
Brand Name
Innovating Science®
Performance Expectations 5-PS1-3
Cross Cutting Concepts Cause and Effect
Scale, Proportion, and Quantity
Engineering Practices Planning and Carrying Out Investigations
Box Used 12663SBOX
Width (in) 6.25
Height (in) 4
Weight (oz) 19.9
Weight (lb) 1.24
Country of Origin US
Harmonization Code 9023.00.0000
DOT Description Non regulated

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