Deluxe Optics Kit - Mirrored Light/Ray Box & 29 Optical Components - Includes Manual with 18 Activities - Eisco Labs

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  • THE MOST COMPLETE KIT FOR LIGHT & OPTICS STUDIES || Versatile light/ray box with hinged mirrors & 29 optical components make it the most comprehensive kit available for demonstrating geometrical optics & the study of light - including color mixing - to physics students
  • VERSATILE LIGHT/RAY BOX || Includes a high quality ray/light box with a bright halogen lamp providing divergent and parallel beams & hinged mirrors for color mixing experments
  • COMPREHENSIVE MANUAL || Includes comprehensive instruction guide with 18 activities
  • INCLUDED || Components include: (1) light/ray box with hinged mirrors, (1) lamp holder, (2) 12V, 20W bulbs, (2) 4mm banana plug leads, (2) slit plates, (8) acrylic prisms & lenses, (3) mirrors, (8) color filters, (8) color cards, (1) manual
  • REQUIRED BUT NOT SUPPLIED || 12V power supply required for ray box. Ruler, protractor, and paper required for activities
  • Description
    This comprehensive kit with light/ray box and 29 optical components is ideal for performing a large variety of reflection, refraction, and color mixing experiments. The light/ray box consists of a 12V, 24A halogen lamp producing convergent, divergent or parallel beams. One end contains an adjustable cylindrical convex lens (for parallel beam), and on the other end a triple aperture system for color mixing experiments (lateral aperture is provided with adjustable hinged mirror). All apertures in the box are provided with vertical channels to hold slit plates and color filters. Kit comes with a comprehensive instruction guide with 18 activities

    Included in Kit: (1) Light/Ray box with hinged mirrors, (1) Lamp holder, (2) 12V (20W) bulbs, (2) 4mm banana plug leads, (2) Slit plates, (8) Mounted color filters, (8) Color cards, (1) Rectangular prism, (1) 45/45/90 prism, (1) Equilateral prism, (1) 30/60/90 triangular prism, (1) Semicircular prim, (1) Bi-concave lens, (2) Bi-Convex lens, (1) Plane mirror on stand, (1) Parabolic mirror, (1) Semi-circular mirror, (1) Semi-circular Dish, (1) Manual

    Required but not supplied: 12V DC power supply for ray box; ruler, protractor, and paper for activities

    Activities included in manual: 1) Diffraction, 2) Angle of Reflection Using a Plane Mirror, 3) Refraction of Different Shaped Prisms, 4) Refraction (Snell's Law), 5) Index of Refraction, 6) Dispersion of Light (Rainbows), 7) Dispersion of Infrared Light, 8) Mixing Colors, 9) Blocking Colors in a Prism Using Filters, 10) Detecting Colors in Monochromatic Light, 11) Study of Concave Mirrors, 12) Study of Convex Mirrors, 13) Spherical Aberration, 14) Study of Convex Lenses (Ray Diagrams), 15) Study of Concave Lenses (Ray Diagrams), 16) How the Eye Works, 17) How Glasses Work in Farsighted Vision, 18) How Glasses Work in Nearsighted Vision
    Brand Eisco Labs
    Length 16
    Width 11
    Height 3.5
    Weight 2.6
    Package Length 16.1
    Package Width 11.2
    Package Height 4.6
    Package Weight 2.62

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