Eisco Labs Pair of Steel Tuning Forks (440Hz) in Wood Bases, One Adjustable

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Manufacturer ID - PH0742A

  • Used to hear dissonance
  • One fork adjustable
  • Comes with mallet and bases
  • Note: These are designed for physics experiments to create beats and are often not exactly 440Hz (usually 436-444Hz). They can be adjusted to create beats within each other or to match each other.
  • Description
    Pair of Steel Tuning Forks (440Hz) in Wood Bases, One Adjustable

    (2) Tuning forks with bases, (1) Mallet

    For demonstrating the production of beat frequencies. Comprises two nickel plated forks A (440 Hz +-5%) mounted on individual boxes. One fork is provided with adjustable mass by means of which frequency may be shifted from the nominal 440 Hz .When both forks are sounded a clearly audible 'beat' is produced, its rate depending upon the difference in frequency between the forks.

    Brand Eisco Labs
    Length 9.8
    Width 7.1
    Height 6.7
    Weight 2
    Package Length 9
    Package Width 4
    Package Height 10

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