ELECFREAKS ring:bit car v2 for micro:bit (without micro:bit)

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Manufacturer ID -EF08201

Manual Installation: The ELECFREAKS Ring:bit Car is a small DIY smart car driven by the BBC micro:bit. Manual installation can better exercise a kid's hands-on ability.

Ring:bit Expansion Port: The micro:bit Ring:bit car extends the micro:bit’s 3 GPIO ports(3 pins), allowing different sensors and components to be easily attached to the micro:bit.

Creativity: Rich makecode graphical programming blocks allow kids to learn programming from the simplest to more complex. They can achieve making a shape, crazy dance, remote control, etc.

Optional Purchase: Ring:bit Car Accessories (Sonar:bit, Tracking Module and LED Light bar). Your micro:bit Ring:bit Car can achieve more functions like obstacle avoiding, line-following, and light show!


The ELECFREAKS Ring:bit Car Kit V2 is a small DIY smart car driven by the BBC micro:bit and the ELECFREAKS Ring:bit.A basic Ring:bit Car can be easily programmed to run autonomously, with remote control, and even create rainbow beacons of light. Just add one of the many extensions available and your Ring:bit Car can do even more things like line and light following, obstacle avoiding, drawing, and more!


Tracking module

Equipped with double infrared probes, it can accurately detect the distance between 2~12mm, which can achieve the function of line following around the circles, the detection of the black lines, and the detection of the edge.

Note: You can additionally purchase our accessory modules on our website.

Sonar:bit module

Sonar:bit is a 3-wire ultrasonic module with a working voltage between 3-5V. It is available to be used in 3.3V or 5V microcontroller systems. With only one 3-wire(GVS) cable, it can work properly. Compared to the standard 4-wire ultrasonic module, it has saved one IO port. The measurement range of sonar:bit is 4cm-400cm. It can output stable and accurate measurement data with ±1cm tolerance only.

Note: You can additionally purchase our accessory modules on our website.

Light-bar module

It can bring you multiple colors with simple assembling methods. It comes with 8 Rainbow full-color LEDs. You can update it to a car with auto-headlights and rainbow lights.

Note: You can additionally purchase our accessory modules on our website.




ELECFREAKS micro:bit Ring:bit V2 Car Kit

Brand Elecfreaks
Manufacturer ID EF08201
Materials Frosted Acrylic
Power Supply 3 x AAA
Battery Life 120min
Continues Running Time More than 240 minutes
Number of IO 3
Rainbow LED 2
Net Weight 221g



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