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Size:40W 700mm Introduction Model:CO2-TUBE-40W-70CM Output Power:40W Wavelength:10600nm Working Voltage:15KV (Trigging Voltage=22KV) Working Current:15mA Divergence:1.95(beam diameter) Dimensions:Length 700mm Input voltage: AC 220V+30 or AC 110V+20 (to be specified when placing order). Maximum output voltage:DC25KV (40W;50W) / DC28KV (60W) / DC35KV (80W) Maximum output current: DC20mA (40W;50W)/ DC23mA (60W) / DC28mA (80W) Isolation Withstand voltage: Input-output, input-enclosure: AC2000V-10mA-60s; negative pole of output connected to enclosure. Protection: with well-grounded enclosure, output circuit of power supply can be open for short time (but arc between positive pole and enclosure should be avoided). Response time (from time of input being available to the output current being up to nominal value)<1ms TTL voltage level control: effective voltage level can be high or low through setting. Protection switch: for detection of cooling water, to protect laser device; or activate with enclosure is opened. Laser power adjustment: (1) by adjusting the output current of power supply through resistor; (2) through PWM control (magnitude being TTL voltage level). Environmental requirements: temperature (-10 to 40centidegree), relative humidity<85%.

Brand gweike cloud
Manufacturer No GCLASER


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