Makeblock CyberPi Educational Competition Kit

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The CyberPi AI & IoT Spark Kit includes a single-board CyberPi computer and a wide range of sensors and equipment designed specifically for learning and competing with AIoT and Python. The set consists of a series of mBuild modules, electronic components and structural parts that meet the needs of teachers and makers who use equipment for DIY projects. It can be used to enhance the functionality of kits, to explore innovative technologies, to promote programming and competition. Engines: can be used to create simple moving robots and wheel designs, such as automatic curtains, to provide basic project mobility. Servo drives: can be used for more precise management of such projects, trolleybus, robot arm, as well as mechanisms for opening and closing smart garbage cans, smart door locks, etc.
LED strip: can be used for projects such as flashing Christmas trees to create great lighting effects.
Fans: can be used to design a smart home, such as a smart fan design.
Range sensor: can be used to start smart garbage cans, detect obstacles for smart gates, add functionality to carts, etc. for remote control of equipment projects.
Multitouch: can be used with wires to establish a connection in any position; its unique shape is also ideal for musical instrument simulation projects.
Angle sensor: can be used for numerical angle measurement; can also be combined with structural parts for the manufacture of force meters or other items.

Complete set
1 x CyberPi main board
1 x nameplate 1 x USB cable (type C)
1 x Servo drive MS-1.5A
6 x Connector > 1 x Range sensor 3 x mBuild cable (200 mm)
2 x mBuild cable (100 mm)
10 x Plastic rivets -R4060
4 x Plastic rivets -R4120
1 x Plate 1
1 x Cardboard
1 x Motor
1 x Fan
1 x LED strip (1 m)
5 x Screw M4 * 22
2x Screw M4 * 14
4 x Screw M4 * 35
14 x Hexagon nut M4
1 x Angle sensor
3 x Bracket 3 * 3
3 x Bracket 3 * 6
1 x Phillips screwdriver 2,5 mm
1 x Wrench 5x7
2 x Coupling
4 x Plastic wheel
1 x Twin-engine TT
2 x Axis 31 mm
1 x Axis 100 mm
1 x Plate 02
1 x Multitouch
5 x Elastic ring
Brand Makeblock
Body material Metal
Details Screws, Terminals
Weight (kg) 0.81kr
Warranty 12 months
Main characteristics Set for competitions
Direction Supplement

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