NextWaveSTEM | Discovery of Solar Power and Renewable Energy | We Teach | Designed for learners in Grades 3-5

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The city of Powerville is in trouble! The community's energy sources have been zapped by a supervillain named AmEnergy. The Mayor of Powerville, Ray O.Sunshine, has asked YOU to be a Renewable Resource Superhero. Over these 15 lessons, students will complete hands-on activities introducing them to solar energy and renewable resources in order to solve a variety of communitythemed challenges

We Teach Includes

  • Equipment - 1 classroom set of equipment
  • Curriculum - 1-Year License, 15 lesson hours + supporting materials
  • Support - 1-Year ongoing product and curriculum support
  • Professional development – 2 Hours of professional development with a live instructor
Shazam! Energy! Define, review, and sort types of renewable and nonrenewable energy
I Have the Power: Distributing Energy Define solar energy and model the flow of energy from sunlight to living things.
How Heat ZOOMS! (Conductors) Perform hands-on heat transfer experiments around conduction, convection, and
Zap! It’s Heating Up (Insulators) Evaluate how various materials perform as insulators in order to design a passive
solar building.
Let’s Have a Look! (Lightwaves) Observe the properties of various wavelengths of light, such as UV.
Up, Up, and Away: How Light Behaves Experiment with properties of light such as reflection and refraction
Beware of the Dark Side: The Albedo
Observe how reflectivity and absorption affects an object’s temperature.
Watch Out! Here Comes Photovoltaic
Observe how Photovoltaic cells generate electricity and explore their various uses
in sustainable energy production.
Vroom! Solar Mobiles Build and race a miniature solar powered car
Whoosh! Solar Water Heaters Apply heat transfer principles to construct a solar-powered water heater.
Bam, Pop, Sizzle! Solar Ovens Part 1 Design and construct a solar oven that uses conduction, convection, and
radiation to cook food.
Bam, Pop, Sizzle! Solar Ovens Part 2 Test and improve solar oven designs
Truth, Justice and a Better Tomorrow:
Design a Renewable Resource City Part 1
Review and evaluate the types of energy sources used in a community
Truth, Justice and a Better Tomorrow:
Design a Renewable Resource City Part 2
Design and plan a sustainable “Renewable Resource City”.



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