xTool S1 20W with Air Assist and Honeycomb

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xTool S1 20W




Class 1 laser safety certification



Power beyond belief


  • Ultra-fine cutting

    The xTool S1 features a 20W laser that can easily cut 10mm wood in one pass.

  • Upgraded structure for increased stability

    The enhanced stability of our upgraded guide rail structure and 600mm/s high-speed movement unlock the full potential of the 40W high power laser, resulting in an impressive boost in efficiency.

Revolutionary tech
  • xTool S1 uses novel encoders and algorithms to establish a precise absolute coordinate layout and display the laser module's position in real time in the software.

  • Twin-point positioning, camera-like precision

    Discover xTool's unique Twin-point positioning technology. Achieving pattern placement with precision rivaling camera methods, all with unmatched ease and accuracy.

  • Dynamic-focus engraving: perfect on uneven surfaces

    xTool S1 boasts a cutting-edge intelligent focusing system for multi-point focus ranging and 3D object automation. Its electric Z-axis dynamically refines focus, delivering a perfect engraving effect like a plane.

Fresh air. Fresh ideas.
  • Efficient smoke exhaust system.

    The high-performance exhaust system, coupled with the exhaust fan, efficiently filters and expels smoke and dust generated during the machine's operation.

  • Clear air: purify as you create.

    Paired with an air purifier, it ensures a healthier workspace by effectively capturing and filtering airborne particles and fumes.

Brand Xtool
Product Dimensions 30 x 22.08 x 7.2 inches
Item Weight 44 pounds

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