Modular Robotics Threshold Cubelet - Orange 2x2x2in 1Ct Box

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Manufacturer ID -CB-KT-THRESHOLD-1

Modular Robotics Threshold Cubelet - Orange 2x2x2in 1Ct Box. The Threshold Cubelet alters the behavior of your robots. It will output a value of zero until its inputs exceed the threshold set by the knob. Above this threshold data will flow normally. Use this Cubelet to create robots that react suddenly, or exhibit binary behavior.


What you can do with the Threshold Cubelet.

The Threshold is perfect for introducing the concept of conditional logic. It’s a great way to explore computational thinking and helps you create robots that respond suddenly at high intensity. Change Threshold conditions or even turn it into a Knob Cubelet with Personality Swap in Cubelets Console.

One block, many behaviors.

It's a building block.

First and foremost, Cubelets are robot blocks. That means they're robots that are also building blocks. You can create with Cubelets without any coding – which is why they're perfect for nearly any age or skill level. The robot construction's behavior is a result of what you connect and how you connect it!

Swap its Personality.

Cubelets are little robots, programmed to behave a certain way. Personality Swap lets you change your Cubelet's programming with the touch of a button. It's no-code, tactile, computational thinking for builders 4 and up. Available in the Cubelets App or in Cubelets Console.

See the data inside.

Explore how 256 numbers create every Cubelets robot behavior you see. Use Data Logger in Cubelets Console to visualize your robot's data in real-time. Log the data and for deeper analysis

Code with Blockly.

Every Cubelet is a little robot you can program. Use Cubelets Console (a free web app) to build your own Cubelet behaviors with simple drag-and-drop coding.

Code in C.

Get complex. Cubelets Console also includes a C programming environment. So you can code teams of robots that behave like bigger robots. Meta robots


  • Ages 4+.
  • Compatible with Cubelets OS4.


Included in.

  • Brilliant Builders Pack.
  • Creative Constructors Pack.
  • Creative Constructors PLUS Pack.
  • Inspired Inventors Pack.
Brand Name Modular Robotics Cubelet
Model Number CB-KT-THRESHOLD-1
Product Name Modular Robotics Threshold Cubelet - Orange 2x2x2in 1Ct Box
Color Orange
Specifications 1 robot block
Pack Box
Version OS 4.3
Size 2x2x2in
Product Class ACA RET


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