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Manufacturer ID - P1030212_P5010098_REFB

Best 3D laser cutter for small businesses/hobbyists/designers/DIY-Makers/professionals. Specially designed with education and creation in mind, the Laserbox reimagines and redefines laser performance. The Laserbox utilizes a high-resolution ultra-wide-angle camera together with an AI visual algorithm to bring your creations from idea into reality. 


We Bring Laser Cutting & Engraving to Easier Access

  • Live Camera Preview: Preview your design and visually position it on the material. The embedded 5MP ultra-wide-angle camera displays a visible working area in real time, ensuring accurate laser cutting or engraving.
  • Material Recognition: xTool Laserbox can recognize the circular barcode on the official material and automatically set the appropriate parameters for subsequent cutting and engraving.
  • AI Auto-Focus: xTool Laserbox will initiate auto-focusing, including Visual Identification, material Thickness Settings and Material Recognition, to guarantee high-precision laser results.
  • Smart Path Planning: xTool Laserbox software can plan the optimal cutting and engraving pathway for each project. Before cutting, Laserbox allows you to preview which paths it has plotted.
  • Set up in Minutes: Easy installation and ready to use right out of the box. Connect the power cord and turn on the power, you can start creating right away.
  • Image Extraction: xTool Laserbox can extract the image on any object's surface for further creation. Just use the Marquee Tool to select the image you like, then use it to make your own design.
  • Check Progress Easier: xTool Laserbox can extract the image on any object's surface for further creation. Just use the Marquee Tool to select the image you like, then use it to make your own design.
  • No Internet Required: Connect laserbox to your computer with a USB cable or network cable. It won't affect your creation even in a room with a bad internet connection.
  • Easy Share Like A Printer: Support multiplayer operation online. You can use send works to Laserbox via different computers just like printing documents, no repeated connection required.
  • Powerful CO2 laser tube: Lightning-fast cutting and engraving speed up to 350mm/s, with a cutting depth of up to 15mms. A pinpoint 0.05mm laser beam, cleanly cuts a wide range of materials.

Engrave on Cylindrical Objects

  • Rotary Engraving: The rotary accessory attachment unlocks 360° engraving for cylinders from 3mm to 70mm in diameter. Customize a wide range of cylindrical materials with the rotary accessory attachment.

Unlock Creativity with Your Kids

  • Design with a Pen: Directly draw your desired design on paper or directly on Laserbox materials, and get identically beautiful prints. xTool Laserbox recognizes a thick 3mm red color line for cutting and black for engraving automatically.

Safe and Eco-friendly

  • Job Pauses When Open The Lid: Laserbox stops working at the same time you open the lid, completely safe to use even for children.
  • Early-warning System: Monitored in real time by collective high-performance sensors, Laserbox has multiple safety notifications, that immediately alert you to issues like overheating and water cooling 
  • Smart Smoke Purifier: The smart smoke purifier automatically opens, and adjusts the volume according to the working status of Laserbox, which ensures eco-friendly ventilation. The filter for smoke purifier could be easily replaced.

Buy with Confidence

  • Twelve-month warranty
  • Problem response within 24 hours
  • No-questions-asked return policy
Brand Xtool
Manufacturer No P1030212-P5010098-REFB


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