Salt Water Fuel Cell Science Kit

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The Salt-water Fuel Cell Science Kit illustrates a cutting edge fuel cell concept: combine a saltwater electrolyte with magnesium plates to generate electrical energy.


Salt-water Fuel Cell Science Kit - product overview

The Salt-water Fuel Cell Science Kit illustrates a cutting edge fuel cell concept: combine a saltwater electrolyte with magnesium plates to generate electrical energy. The Salt Water Fuel cell kit enables you to investigate the science behind salt water fuel cell technology, either by powering the included mini-turbine or creating your own power applications.

  • Features magnesium salt-water fuel cell power device
  • Develop your own micro-fuel cell applications
  • Easy to integrate and use
  • Compatible with other Horizon science kits
  • Create energy from salt water solution and power a fan
  • Analyze current and voltage variation using different salt concentrations
  • Analyze current and voltage variations using different temperatures
  • Analyze current and voltage variations using different fuel volumes

What is a salt water fuel cell? How does it work?

This kind of fuel cell works with air and with a plate made with magnesium. The electricity is made by two chemical reactions which occur in two different point of the cell. The first sight of the reaction is on the plate which is called anode. On this side, the water reacts with the magnesium and creates hydrogen ions (protons) and magnesium hydroxide and generates two free electrons. On the other part of the cell (cathode), the oxygen contained in the air which pass through the cell walls react with the water in order to constitute hydroxide ions. This reaction is possible only if there are additional electrons which are provided. So during the reaction, the free protons generated on the anode are attracted by the cathode because of the difference of potential. If the cell is linked to an electrical circuit, the free electrons will pass inside it in order to reach the cathode and let the second reaction happen. You can find the two half redox equations below.

Mg + 2H2O → Mg(OH)2 + 2H + 2e-

1/2 O2 + H2O + 2e- → 2OH

2Mg + O2 + H2O → Mg(OH)2

The salt in the water is used as a catalyst. In other words, it means that salt accelerate the reaction between Mg and water.

Salt-water Fuel Cell Experiments


Experiment 1 : Create electricity from water salted solution

Experiment 2 : Using different salt concentrations

Experiment 3 : Using different water temperature

Experiment 4 : Using different fuel volume



What is included in the horizon energy curriculum? The lab equipment is just the beginning. We’ve built the horizon energy curriculum to provide teachers with multiple resources for engaging their students.


Materials provided

  • Hands-on Lab Activities
  • Teacher's Guides
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Chemistry ConceptsChemistry Concepts
Electrolysis, Energy, Hydrogen Generation, Reaction Rates, Reactions, Redox Reactions

Earth Science Concepts

Renewable Energy



Salt-water Fuel Cell Science Kit - FAQ


Is that possible to increase the output of salt water fuel cell? And how?

Yes. It is possible to increase the output of salt water fuel cell. You could increase the anode and cathode size to increase the output power. You could try to increase the salt solution temperature or you could increase the salt solution concentration to get high fuel cell output.

What is the best salt solution concentration?

You can do experiment 2: Using different salt concentrations to find the answer.3. The water electrolysis process slows down.

What is anode metal plate made of?

The metal plate is made of magnesium (Mg).

What are the specifications for the fuel cell?

Normally the output voltage is 1.2V and the current is 200mA.

Are there any other energy related educational products? Where can I buy them?

We provide many types of energy educational products. They are related to solar power, hydrogen power, chemical power, mechanical power, wind power, thermal power etc. For more sales information, please contact

How to maintain the fuel cell in good performances?

After each use, clean the fuel cell using fresh water. Ensure there is no remaining salt inside. Store the anode plate and fuel cell separately in a dry place.

What are the white particles on the anode metal plate?

They are the magnesium hydroxide and sodium chloride, as a result of reaction between salt water and metal plate.




I put the anode plate into the tank, but there is no electricity which is generated.

1. Make sure the connections are correctly done.

2. Try to clean the anode plate, if it still does not work polish the metal parts.

3. Change the anode plate.

4. Ensure you have poured the salted solution into the tank.

Brand Horizon Educational
Manufacturer No FCJJ-34
Type Science Kit

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